May 12, 2024

What Is The Baby Bottle Boomerang?

Our annual Baby Bottle Boomerang allows us to provide hope and healing to the women and families of our community. It’s simple! When you fill baby bottles with cash, checks, or coins, you are helping to provide free life-affirming services to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and healing to women who have experienced a past abortion or have never heard the Gospel.

How Does It Work?

Baby Bottles can be available in churches, schools, businesses, groups, and individual families from Mother’s Day through Father’s Day. Fill each bottle with change, cash, and even checks! Promote it from the pulpit, in your bible study, women’s groups, youth ministry, and the church bulletin. Individuals can also fill virtual baby bottles to bless this ministry too!

Get Your Church or Group Involved

If you want to involve your church, business, school, or friends, call our administration office at 409-443-5029 or email to reserve your baby bottles! Bottles will be ready for pick up or delivery the week of May 8th.

What Impact Can One Bottle Make?

Every little bit counts. A bottle filled with pennies can provide lifesaving literature or testimonial videos to abortion-minded or abortion-vulnerable women. ​

Your participation in this campaign makes an enormous impact!

  • Encourage your church, school, business, or groups to participate
  • Fill our baby bottles with cash, coins, and checks, or donate online to fill a virtual bottle.
  • Your change saves lives!

Whether you fill an actual baby bottle or a virtual one, you provide life-affirming care to a desperate and frightened woman in our community. Our annual Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser helps provide free services like pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, parenting education, maternity and baby items, and a men’s ministry. Start filling your bottles on Mother’s Day!



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